Point of Contact


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released on Metal Postcard CD MP0075
gnar tapes cassette (coming soon)


releases January 4, 2019



all rights reserved


JERRY ROGERS Portland, Oregon

for more information leading to Jerry Rogers please email: drjerryrogers@gmail.com

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Track Name: Big Bro
Scenes from my head play out all the words that I said.
Story line you'd probably regret of some stupid sorry same old bullshit.
(I just wanna live my life.)
Standing in line for some coffee, realize you don't have money.
Now everybody thinks you funny, cuz you dressed up like a bunny.
(but I just wanna live my life.)
Bungee jumping bridges solo cuz you know all bout that YOLO.
My little baby sister and big bro, I will you more than you will ever know
Track Name: My Secret
(It's my secret) of love
I know you know I wanna go just to where you will go.
I know I know I'm better now. I know you wanna know the secret
well i'm just stealing everybody's shit. Now you know just where I got it.
I'll tell you what, you had it!
Track Name: Rewind
The spirit in the sky left you and yr friends behind.
Now you wish you could rewind but there is no space inside.
Now you wonder why, looking at the sky (you don't see why) the spirit in the sky
left you behind. Now you wish you could rewind but there is no space inside.
Now when you know you have no place to go, don't turn around baby bro just look straight up the road. The spirit in the sky left you and yr friends behind. Now you wish you could know why well there was no space inside.
Track Name: Vampire
(let's go)
Vampire walkin the night, I'm trying avoid the light.
What do I need? I'm just looking for the one that bleeds.
You had yr demise, well the vampire never dies.
I've seen it before, yr body lies dead on the floor.
but now I don't know, maybe I should probably just go.
I tried to clean up, but in the kitchen there's just way too much blood.
Track Name: The Dance
Don't stop dancing around this old town.
Track Name: Sold Yr Soul
My new friend how did you do what everyone wants to.
Tell us now before the show everybody needs to know.
(Sold yr soul for the rock n roll well yr never too young and yr never too old.
So you changed yr life got on a new track so you look straight ahead and never turn back.)
My new king he buys me things like gold plated plastic diamond rings.
He see's my ways, laughed in my face tells me i'm a big disgrace.
We all know the secret's out, now everybody scream and shout.
(I just wanna rock n roll)
Now you see what I see living in the land of opportunity.
release the rope give up on hope. You found yr children smoking dope.
You held their hand till it turned to sand and now you find yr not a real man.
Track Name: Gasoline
Taking my money, taking my pain away the gasoline I get everyday. gasoline. buy gasoline.
Track Name: Rip!
Now when you see it, I hope you believe it.
It all looks so pretty when you leave the city.
Jump out and see where I land, my own private island.
(say what?)
Tell them you made it and take all that you can get now.
So now when you see it, I hope you believe it now.
(Thats what I'm talking about)
Track Name: Jerry
Tonight we're gonna party cuz it's the weekend.
So bring all yr hunnies and bring all yr friends.
Baby come tomorrow this party never ends cuz everybody's crazy,
just listen what they say. "Oh jerry"
Track Name: Eighty Second
I know that you know that we need to let go.
Track Name: Garbage
They'll love you for one week and then they'll throw you away.
Kiss you on the cheek and then they tell you to pray.
Track Name: Days
Days look so bright in the summer. Why don't we know one another? I know this life is such a bummer, so get up and try to make it better.
Days looked so black until I found ya. Now I am so happy that I have ya. This life was always such a bummer, I had to get up and make it better.